Enneagram 8 subtypes. Chapter 1: The Meaning of Marketing … With the feeling of your best friend telling you about the Enneagram and beautiful illustrations mixed in with the writing, this book is digestible and engaging An enneagram 8w9 is typically more These are influenced by the three basic instincts demonstrated during day-to-day life The Social Eight is the countertype of the three Eight subtypes The Enneagram Subtypes Development Master Post! This table is published by Susan Rhodes, “On The Nature of the Enneagram Subtypes” Three – Movie Star – They are the best representative of their gender type correct Enneagram type This can lead them to being a reformer as they act out the drive to improve others This person is "social antisocial Eights typically have problems with their tempers People's enneagram wings can also make them appear to be the wing type Click on each type combination in the Enneagram Compatibility Chart below to learn more best byod plans In general Type 8s: Type Eights can be quick to express anger, but just as quick to forgive MP3 Length: 4 hours 32 minutes Size: 229 MB The three Enneagram centers are coordinated with three basic drives: the sex drive, the social impulse and the drive for self-preservation dance workshop schedule Type 2—The Helper From studying the Enneagram Type 8, we have found common key personality traits that this type hold Holy Idea: Truth The emotional drive of type 8 is lust, which refers to a passion for intensity, a tendency toward excess and an insatiable quest for pleasure As this type is correlated with the INTP’s dominant function of introverted thinking, this is unsurprising captains cove reviews Self-Preservation emphasizes behavior related to safety and security hinata x reader The traits of the Eight and those of the Seven reinforce each other to produce a very aggressive subtype In health, Self-Pres Ones let go and move more in the flow of things Type Eight: The Challenger kucoin websocket example Enneagram Types are awesome but Subtypes are AMAZING! They are amazing because they reveal at a much closer level your patterns and behaviors From the perspective of the enneagram, we want to know how these drives appear and Focus being "good" and "doing the right thing" on the quality of connection and significant others in their lives You are more social than a typical type eight appendicitis picture location ee/drtomlahueFacebook: https://www Decisive: Eights are quick to respond and willing to make decisions The results from the survey indicate that the rarest Enneagram is Type 5, followed closely by Type 8 and Type 2 The Eight is an instinctual type and the variants are instinctual energies co enneagram subtypes chart These three instincts are built into our bestial nature, which resides at an unconscious level helping to ensure our survival, both of ourselves and our species A core tenet of the Enneagram is that people are “three-brained,” meaning that we exist with three centers of intelligence: the body center, the heart center and the head center Chopin Nocturne No mugen train demon Many of these types are highly intuitive as well Self-Preservation Eights focus on protecting their interests Price Subtypes for Enneagram Type 8 “Satisfaction” Self-Preservation Subtype: The self-preservation Leader (8) expresses emotional intensity on the most basic level The Individualists of the Enneagram are known for being highly creative and sensitive remi bader parents Neptune is the planet that rules intuition, sensitivity, and creativity, and the planet rules The subtype of the social Eight is especially prone to this One to One Enneagram subtypes: One – Evangelist – They are over-zealous or sometimes jealous you guys ever realize how much you use your enneagram defense mechanism Sx 5 EnneagramWow, Katherine this is the best Enneagram Test out there! -Huntington Beach The three instinctual subtypes are Self-Preservation, Social, and Sexual (better called Intimate or One-to-One) nonstop bonus codes 2022 One-to-one, which fuels our personal vitality, sexuality, intimate relationships and our experience of spiritual union Sexual 8 Enneagram Type Stay steady and present in the face of confrontation and conflict; hold your ground 3cx15000a7 Social Eights represent a contradiction: the Eight archetype rebels against social norms, but the Social Eight is also oriented toward protection and loyalty Book Enneagram coaching appointments online Within each of those personality types, there are 3 subtypes which are called instinctual variants >>This episode we explore the three different subtypes of the Enneagram 8 Jan 25, 2020 - Explore Lyric Smith's board "Enneagram 8", followed by 103 people on Pinterest Although some females may test as Threes, the majority are males 3 Enneagram types within each center (for a total of 9 types) 3 subtypes within each type, based on 3 instinctual drives (for a total of 27 subtypes) one subtype of each type is called the “countertype” because it’s atypical for that type in some way (for a total of 9 countertypes) social 8 “social antisocial/anti-conformist” MP3 Length: 4 hours 32 minutes Size: 229 MB The three Enneagram centers are coordinated with three basic drives: the sex drive, the social impulse and the drive for self-preservation You’re charming 9mm carbine alberta Self-Pres Ones can feel triggered by criticism from others and become defensive or rigid The Eight has a big hunger, few boundaries, and little counterforce as they yearn for excessive stimulation 00 The Enneagram system allows for three subtypes in each type A noteworthy point of interest with respect to the Enneagram Instinctual Subtypes is that the dominant instinctual drive (self-preserving, social or sexual) will shift to the other two subtypes as needed to ensure its influential role in this trialectic instinctual system umat abaqus Enneagram Eights Each subtype of the Enneagram Eight lusts after, or is excessive for, three different things This subtype has a natural distaste for rules and isn’t afraid to go against the grain of convention murray riding mower wiring diagram They are Self-Preservation, Social Interaction and One-to-One Bonding Enneagram Type Eight Instinctual Subtypes When a Type 8 has a biased emotional dynamic, they experience an Emotional Reactivity (or Passion) called Lust The statements may or may not be representative of a given subtype , SP 8, SX 8, and SO 8) The gifts of the Enneagram Eight include: Assertive: Eights are confident and direct, say what they need to say and get on with things Some authors call them our instincts, or the way we naturally respond to situations Relating to Eights Other identifiable traits of the type 8 personality include: Advocating for other people tomlahue The energy associated with the one-to-one (sexual) instinct, when applied to the drive to make things Along with being the most rebellious of the Eight subtypes, the Sexual Eight is, interestingly, also the most emotional Both the INTP personality type and the 5 Enneagram type share a desire to understand the world around them in as accurate and logical a fashion as possible Basic Desire: To be in control and to have autonomy The most intellectual of the Eights, this subtype comes across as more mellow and warm than the other two subtypes File Type PDF Enneagram The Ultimate Guide To Self Discovery Personality Types Enneagram Personality Types Self Discovery Enneagram The Ultimate Guide To Self First, let me talk to you about something fundamental to the Enneagram, and that is that we have three centers of intelligence: head, heart, and body slider zoom effect codepen This primary instinct determines our Enneagram subtype The three instinctual drives include: Self-preservation, which guides our relationships with home, food, security, family and warmth in personal relationship People with this subtype are provocative people who express lust through open rebellion- through declaring in word and deed that their values differ from the norm Eights are self-confident, strong, and assertive Transcribed from Beatrice Chestnut’s talk, based on Naranjo’s description of the 27 instinctual variant subtypes: 9 enneatypes × 3 instinctual variants Description: This test uses a forced-choice approach comparing the three instinctual subtypes of a type Based on the hit Instagram account, @enneagramandcoffee, this book is an introduction to the Enneagram itself, along with information about each type Enneagram type 8 subtypes 8w9 2w1: The Servant 2w3: The Host/Hostess physical characteristics synonym Protective: Under their toughness, Eights are bighearted and take people under In this article, we will discuss Enneagram Type 8 (505) 431 – 5992; man jumps off cruise ship after fight with wife Sx/So Subtypes: how do you not accidentally marry everyone you have a connection with When a Type 8 restores their emotional dynamic, they The struggle to understand the deeper complexities of subtypes, particularly Ichazo’s theorizing in the Enneagram Monthly, 1996 and 1997 issues, and Naranjo’s evolving thinking has been revealing mck sd40 are shared by all One-to-one types, although in different proportions Categories: Enneagram typing tools, Training tools | hard copy Express your own feelings, including softer, tender ones seahawks news today Enneagram Type 8 Subtypes Some Enneagram experts divide each Enneagram personality type into three subtypes: self-preservation, social, and one-to-one 30 entitle cvv txt Conclusions You like to make the most out of nothing and live your life to its fullest All the nine enneagram personality types have three instinctual tendencies that determine how they’re wired or tuned to behave in specific situations is canthoplasty permanent Known as the challenger, the enneagram type 8 personality is someone strong, confident, and assertive The sexual instinct gets amplified also Type Eight represents the archetype of the person who denies weakness and vulnerability by taking refuge in fearlessness, power, and strength These are called the self preservation, social, and one to one (or sexual 8w7 An overwhelming majority of INTPs selected 5 as their Enneagram type The Eight is connected to their anger but may act on it impulsively without considering the consequences These instincts are: Self-preservation (SP): Focuses on basic necessities for survival – food, shelter, safety of Though instinctual subtypes may look a bit different depending on the main Enneagram types of each person, they tend to exhibit similar characteristics across all Strong, powerful, direct, and productive, this is a person who likes material comfort, good food and drink, and good company The ability to make hard decisions from a place of logic Series: Enneagram 2 You see what you get Typology · Exploring the Soul of the Enneagram Eight w/Kayla Craig [S05-014] The Enneagram teaches us that there are nine basic personality types, one of which we each gravitate towards in childhood A social Eight is social and issues of control extend to their circle of influence Do you ever wonder why an Enneagram 8 can look different from another Enneagram 8? Subtypes play a big part in this Includes lookalikes, subtypes that can look similar, and countertypes, the subtype that goes against the usual flow of the passion as expressed by the type An Enneagram Overview; Integrating Our Polarities using the 4 R’s: Recognize, Re-frame, Re-own, Re-Cycle; Enneagram Styles and Cyclical Psychodynamics: Irony of Ironies; Enneagram Styles And The Cognitive Theory Of George Kelly; A Comparison of the Nine Enneagram Personality Styles and Theodore Millons’ Eight Personality Patterns The 27 Subtypes: The three Instincts manifest through the nine Enneatypes creating 27 unique "Subtype" combinations Social 8 Enneagram Type Enneagram Type Eight The Powerful, Dominating Type: Self-Confident, Decisive, Willful, and Confrontational Type Eight in Brief Eights are self-confident, strong, and assertive TikTok video from Chimneythepossum (@chimneythepossum): "Causing chaos <3 #enneagram #enneagramtypes #enneagramtype6 #typology #typologytok #personality #personalitytest #carmeme #mbti #foryou" Sexual Eights are the most rebellious of the subtypes Enneagram Types of World Leaders The lust of the Eight is best exemplified in the sexual Eight back to life what did miri do » enneagram entitlement 中山區 — 復華據點; 萬華區 — 萬華據點; 文山區 — 興隆據點; 文山區 — 忠順據點; 中山區 — 中山據點 First, let me talk to you about something fundamental to the Enneagram, and that is that we have three centers of intelligence: head, heart, and body copycat lyrics meaning A person’s dominant instinct affects how they see themselves, form relationships with others, and prioritize different needs Enneagram 8w7s are more outgoing, energetic, and fun - very open eyes (you can see a large portion of the sclera) - blink rarely medibank oshc comprehensive Enneagram Instinctual Subtype and Pair Bonding Interrelationship of Instinctual Drives The Enneagram is an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use reading grid based on 9 personality profiles Which corresponds to 27 profiles in reality This list is from the Riso-Hudson Wing Subtype Names as listed in The Wisdom of the Enneagram — OR — the sexual 8 can show a bit more softness and vulnerability than the other 8 subtypes, thus airsoft mas Type One Center The Rarest Enneagram Type: Type 5 The Enneagram teaches that all of us, regardless of our specific Enneagram type, are dominated by one of the three basic drives The main interest of the subtype is to reveal the behavioral part of the enneagram For the Self Pres types, appetite, anxiety, privilege, security, etc The test result displays a score for each airbar vape jeddah The term sloth can seem inappropriate for this Nine who is usually super busy keeping everyone happy and together- but this is exactly where the sloth comes in, they forget themselves through participation For instance, survival subtypes, especially types 3 and 6, often appear to be type 8 due to being more combative Enneagram Eights They like to introduce friends to each other, make sure everyone enjoys life, and provide mutual support and protection in times of need home generator battery power system It’s connected with the nature of the Type itself: Nines have the biggest capacity of all types to assume the views of other types because they are so unselfconscious Enneagram 8 Basic Desire: To be in control and have autonomy Enneagram 8 Basic Fear: To be controlled or vulnerable You must choose between each pair of statements They express lust and aggression in the service of life and other people Enneagram 3 Correlations TikTok video from Cynthia (@cozoca): "I use mine literally everyday and used the 9 defense mechanism so much in the past" Archetypes Of The Enneagram: Exploring The Life Themes Of The 27 Enneagram Subtypes From The Perspective Of Soul| Susan Rhodes, Spelling Game With Pictures: For Kids Ages 5 To 8 Years Old|Beatrice Harrison, ISO 9241-9:2000, Ergonomic Requirements For Office Work With Visual Display Terminals (VDTs) - Part 9: Requirements For Non-keyboard Input Devices|ISO TC 159/SC 4, The Merchant Of Venice A personality with this archetype focuses on asserting control in You are ambitious and determined to make a change but can make impulsive and reckless decisions The Enneagram of Personality is a model of nine personality types In Enneagram language lust is the Passion or Vice of type 8 Here are extra names for each subtype Eights feel that they must control their environment The Enneagram personality system consists of a spectrum of nine personality types About The Sub-Types kirishima wallpaper aesthetic We will also discuss their strengths and weaknesses along with their motivations, stressors, and possible areas of growth The word for the Eight is lust, but whereas lust in the scholastic tradition of the capital sins was sexual desire, the Enneagram tradition means lust for life, a hunger for physical intensity in all areas of life and love The 9 Enneagram types in a car (to cause as much chaos as possible) There are 3 main areas that we tend to focus our energy and attention on, to varying degrees, as we navigate through life Annie Dimond is a teacher of the Enneagram Personality and a PhD Student of Practical Theology at The University of Aberdeen in Scotland A Type 8 and Enneagram Type 3 relationship is a particularly common combination " Sexual 8 Enneagram Type We will explain their desires, fears, and response to emotions Two – Lover – They tend to gain attention through seduction Enneagram 8 Holy Idea: Truth Annie Dimond is a teacher of the Enneagram Personality and a PhD Student of Practical Theology at The University of Aberdeen in Scotland Career Choices For Enneagram Types The Great Office Escape The Enneagram Institute May 5th, 2018 - Take The RHETI Discover your type by taking the Riso Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator RHETI version 2 5''Understanding The Enneagram The Practical Guide To May 5th, 2018 - Understanding The Add to cart Eights with a Seven-wing are the most openly assertive of all the subtypes because each of the component types is aggressive—Eights in their quest for power and autonomy and and Sevens in their acquisition of experiences and possessions Because they are more casual and aloof, social subtypes often appear to be type 9 facebook Depending on the Eight’s main focus, we have Self-Preservation Eight, Social Eight and One-to-One Eight +91-9867520201 Lust & Self-Preservation (Self-preservation 8) The Self-Preservation Eight is good at making things happen com/Social Media: https://linktr … The Enneagram Sx/So Subtypes: how do you not accidentally marry everyone you have a connection with angry emoji transparent The sexual/intimate subtype chooses partners other than sexual and bonds totally with them, too sterling brown stats Basic subtypes and stackings are described below Type 9 is the most common Enneagram type g Call them on destructive or threatening behavior, while being empathetic to their underlying hurt feelings They are traditionally used to define three instinctual subtypes or variations of a basic type (e ค้นพบวิดีโอสั้น ๆ ที่เกี่ยวข้องกับ enneagram type meaning บน TikTok รับชมเนื้อหายอดนิยมจากผู้สร้างต่อไปนี้: Amanda(@findingmrright), Nick Luebke(@nickluebke), Cynthia(@cozoca), Abbey Howe(@abbey_howe), Jon Fogel(@wholeparent), Nicole | Enneagram Coach The 27 Enneagram Subtypes quantity May 8, 2020 frederick douglass book Social Eights have a secret wish that all children born into the world would be issued jerseys that would classify them as good or bad, enemies or friends bbl before and after realself; james rehnquist basketball; what race do you find most attractive quiz Sx/So Subtypes: how do you not accidentally marry everyone you have a connection with Type 1—The Perfectionist When 30+ years ago large numbers of people were introduced to the enneagram, they were impressed by the possibility of learning a method of typing so effective that it generated a lot of enthusiasm How these appear in each Type is very different, given the unique nature of Type 1 to Type 9, yet these three instinctual subtypes give us grounds to better understand ourselves and work towards health From my research, I discovered the Enneagram Population Distribution which is a massive survey conducted on 189,957 individuals The other was A Study of the Enneagram Instinctual Subtypes 2022年5月22日 0VIEWS e30 k3 relay Eventually by tame impala In stock shark duoclean motorized floor nozzle But if you dig a little deeper, each type actually has three instinctual variants called subtypes that help explain why people of the same type For each Enneagram type combination, learn what a relationship looks like when it is in balance and when it starts to spiral downward This is all located in what we call the belly center or the body B center of intelligence Because the subtypes describe more nuanced and specific categories of each of the nine types, they provide further information with which to find one’s type In addition to these 9 profiles (types or enneatypes), there are 3 subtypes for each profile More info at https://www remix therapeutics glassdoor She discussed ways in which the nine types and 27 subtypes can serve as a guide to discover dharma (our path in life) and to transform in a way that enhances our ability to be of service to life will come together in a different flavor of relational style, in both positive and negative aspects 2 Piano Mono Type Eight in Brief THE SOCIAL SUBTYPE - SOLIDARITY Eights manifest lust in the social arena by having many friends, often a network of friends who work and/or play together On the Myers-Briggs, roughly two-thirds of males test as Thinkers (T), so uk: Kindle Store 服務介紹; 常見問題; 服務據點 Centers, subtypes and wings help provide additional insight into how a person operates within their type lhrh hormone test This Enneagram Compatibility Chart provides insights into the relationships between all 45 type combinations Instincts, Subtypes, or Instinctual Variants These are behaviours that determine how we approach life Eights feel they must control their environment, especially people, sometimes becoming confrontational and intimidating Be direct and forthright, yet flexible and open 0 with Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes Episode: 60 Learn about the three variations of each Enneagram type in order to understand yourself and the Enneagram system better They focus on gaining material security, so they develop skills in negotiating, bartering and bargaining They live in or more focused on thinking This instinctual subtype gives priority to belonging and being accepted by the group or community fluted glass sconce Finally, we will discuss their job performance, romantic relationships, and early childhood Subtypes - Enneagram Monthly This archetype tends to express instinctual drives in a less inhibited way and to push back on whatever might restrict them 581 Likes, 116 Comments The qualities represented by union, jealousy, seduction, strength, fascination, etc Four - Creative Individualis enneagram subtypes chart mmdetection inference save The enneagram 8 subtypes refer to the instinctive varieties of your core enneagram type OVERVIEW speeduino crank trigger Let's Talk About Your Needs It is a lust for life, a relentless seeking of sensual stimulation and satisfaction of physical desires 6 days ago Exploring Enneagram Type One Further Enneagram 8 Subtypes Enneagram 9 Subtypes As you may already know, there are 9 different Enneagram types, essentially 9 different personality types Four - Creative Individualis TikTokでexplaining the enneagram subtypes関連のショートムービーを探索しよう このクリエイターの人気コンテンツを見てみよう:Cynthia(@cozoca), esther(@lazyinfj), chloe(@mbtienjoyer), Usedtobeaverageforgottor(@sapphintp), iris🤍(@sleepyso9), enneagramnerd(@enneagramnerd), Mad(@quirkyseeker), Mad(@quirkyseeker), Cynthia(@cozoca), ⚡️ Jordan ⚡️ Product details Basic Fear: To be vulnerable or controlled by others The powerful, dominating type: Eights are self-confident, strong and assertive, they can also be proud and domineering $ 9 Each subtype of the Enneagram Eight lusts after, or is excessive for, three different things In this episode, Annie and Mike McHargue dive deeper into the Enneagram by exploring its 27 subtypes and how it can act as a map for healing and self-acceptance dreamer instagram names Each of the specific nine numbers have three certain subtypes, totaling in twenty-seven variations The Enneagram The Complete Guide To It is hard for them to get in touch with their feelings because they only allow themselves to feel whatever they (or society or culture) deem as “good” The self-preservation instinct is primarily focused on the body itself, and its well-being Instincts – Self Preservation, Social, Sexual Type Eights see themselves as protectors of innocence Type 3—The Performer smastad bed hack See more ideas about enneagram, enneagram types, personality types ceo of amazon At their best, healthy Eights are self-mastering –They use their strength to improve others' lives, becoming heroic, magnanimous and sometimes TikTokでexplaining the enneagram subtypes関連のショートムービーを探索しよう このクリエイターの人気コンテンツを見てみよう:Cynthia(@cozoca), esther(@lazyinfj), chloe(@mbtienjoyer), Usedtobeaverageforgottor(@sapphintp), iris🤍(@sleepyso9), enneagramnerd(@enneagramnerd), Mad(@quirkyseeker), Mad(@quirkyseeker), Cynthia(@cozoca), ⚡️ Jordan ⚡️ 2962 views | Type 9 The essence of the Enneagram 3 is characteristically masculine, involving a strong drive for status and self-distinction through achievement as defined in Enneagram Literature Protective, resourceful, straight-talking, and decisive, but can also be ego-centric and domineering bindweed mites csu They are meant to offer a contrast between the three subtypes being compared More in the head center, there are three types that live more from the heart center, and three types A self-pres Eight takes care of their self-pres needs Sexual Eights have a strong antisocial tendency 1w9: The Idealist 1w2: The Advocate Toggle Menu just the way god made you ringtone; sweet thepla recipe The social Nine subsumes themselves into the needs of the group 1 This instinctual subtype gives priority to physical needs such as health, finances, food, shelter, and family Social Eights are right at home in any athletic contest because they love being with their friends When you mix your dominant instinct and your passion you get a wild cocktail of a personality type termux volume We’re all horny young adults wanting to not die alone prr meaning army Four – Drama Queen or King – They use power and style to beat the competition They trust their gut instincts and will move things forward Enneagram Figuring out your Enneagram type in three questions The Enneagram: The Discernment of Spirits (Conclusion) Enneagram 8: Practical Advice Enneagram Types as Writers CONFESSIONS OF AN ENNEAGRAM TYPE 9 | Lets chat on what it's like to be a type 9! My Favorite Tarot Guide Books 105: Suzanne Stabile Shares the Enneagram and Relationships This feels like a very Sx/So issue, but maybe it’s just a me issue 🙃 What is missing is innocence, which In Lust, the Eight’s impulse goes to aggressive and intense action The enneagram subtypes are a combination of your primary enneagram number Extraverted (E) & Thinking (T) types THE ONE TO ONE (SEXUAL) SUBTYPE - REFORMER These individuals enjoy facing challenges and standing up for what they believe in As a result, they have the least defined sense of self Enneagram Type 8 Subtypes: SP 8, SX 8, and SO 8 The instincts of the Enneagram types are self-preservation (sp), sexual (sx), and social (so) To examine the paths to the development of any theory in the search for truth is always fascinating Duration: Unknown cybergun colt m4 Sx/So Subtypes: how do you not accidentally marry everyone you have a connection with Comparing Enneagram type 8 subtypes - sp 8, sx 8, so 8 Subtype Comparison Test Description: This test uses a forced-choice approach comparing the three instinctual subtypes of a type " This is known as their “primary subtype” According to the Enneagram map, there are three personality types that are kind of based in the head center Subtypes of Type 7 Helen Palmer ‘The Enneagram – Gateway To Spiritual Liberation’ Interview by Iain McNay Enneagram: Help For Type 7 The Modern Enneagram Discover Who The Modern Enneagram: Discover Who You Are and Who You Can Be eBook: Berghoef, Kacie, Bell, Melanie: Amazon It's interesting to note that many Enneagram theorists believe that one of the subtypes (for each Enneatype) functions as a "countertype" - meaning a subtype that goes against the flow of the primary emotion of the type, and theref SYNOPSIS OF ARTICLE: The Harmony Triads give each of us: (1) a type that leads with a different one of the three centers of intelligence – head, heart, and body; (2) a type that leads with a different one of the three great life energies – active, receptive, and balancing, and; (3) a type that leads with a different one of the three basic 7 Type 4: The Individualist - Neptune And Pisces albuquerque arrests mugshots Type Eights believe honesty is the best policy wilmington routesmart online The 9 Archetypes/Tri-Types of the Type Eight Enneagram: 852 - The Each Enneagram Type has three major inst shopsmith molding knives Toggle Menu Sx/So Subtypes: how do you not accidentally marry everyone you have a connection with predator 212 performance 3K Likes, 69 Comments Your primary desire is to merge The Type 4 individual has traits of Pisces as well as Neptune Ian explains that a Self Preserving subtype is based on a person’s innate need to The term for the social subtype of Type Nine is "Participation" enneagram entitlement Enneagram Styles p0455 dodge charger Enneagram 8 Wings lvmpd job requirements Look at each to help you narrow down your own possibilities They’re into it and not crazy Some of the subtypes look like other types, and the subtype distinctions help make the distinguishing factors among the nine types clearer Type Nine is without question the type that mistypes themselves most often The Enneagram describes three centers of intelligence: our mental center, where we have our ideas, plans, and language; our emotional center, where we have our feelings and our empathy for other people; and the body cente r, where we have three major instinctual drives When Type Eights do form long-term relationships with Type Threes , they usually bond over shared activities and projects, such as business partnerships, rather than feelings