Frer indent or evap. Nothing showed up immediately (like with my past pregnancies) so I forgot about it and went to bed I've also read that FRER are notorious for indent and evap December 2014 I can’t tell if it’s an indent or just a really faint beginning to the line An evap line would be a neg test and then HOURS later you happen to see it and it has a line Can anyone help decide? About Extremely Bfp Frer Faint Haha Evap lines or squinters?? Log Out 6 (so negative) so it must have been just a weird faulty test Generally if you see a line it means you are pregnant- there's no other reason for the hormone to be in your system I know it’s a bit darker than your photo but BabyCentre makes images such bad quality maybe it’s still early x I’m still not convinced and just hoping this isn’t the infamous indent or evap line To be sure, get another test and take in tomorrow morning Most women’s have hcg levels higher than 10 just starting out so the Amazon ones should give you an obvious line not too longer after the FRER would Find out how First Response Early Result Instream compares to other Pregnancy Tests This was also the 2nd test with the same "indent" line I’m thinking they are indent lines tbh Wish me This time i dipped the FRER for 5 seconds as recommended instead of the 20 as i did in the last picture As it has no colour it looks like an indent to me, you can see the indents through the test window before you even test x The indentation line is very clear, but you can also see what looks like pink, but I'm just not sure ADD US ON Facebook! 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But indent Lines unlike EVAP Lines, is simply the antibody strip Continue browsing in r/lineporn Truthfully, a positive test will stay positive well after the time 😅 Mostly seen on cheaper HPT, but rare instances have happened with First Response Will show up if the picture is inverted Search: 9dpo Bfn Frer Look closer you may be able to figure it out First Response- 6 Days Sooner │10 DPO- Live Pregnancy Test│♡ Autumn Flower If you choose to use a traditional pregnancy test instead of a digital one, there is always the chance you could get an evaporation line, often called an evap or an indent line My BFP this pregnancy was very faint within the time window they give on the Just like the control line, when the urine soaks the line it appears which let's you know this test is working The results should be read between three to five minutes You could try testing in the afternoon Evaporation Lines: Usually colorless (gray) line, but can pick up dye from the control line Haha Tip: Avoid blue-dyed pregnancy tests; they may give evap lines a blue color I'm just worried about a chemical pregnancy If a line shows up within the 3 min time limit you are pregnant 88 evap line So, if your shot had 10,000 units, then it would take 10 days I've been staring at my bloody FRERS all day and have had a bit of a Google and researched FRER evaps and I'm thinking to myself what if they are all just EVAPs If you were using a cheapo test then, yes, they have evap lines all the time This same thing happened to me a few months ago and it was devastating The technical answer is a test is invalid after the time to read the test Beyond that, urine will start to dry off, and an evaporation line will start to appear You can get another opinion here I’ve done a mad google search and found that indents on FRER can make false positives quite common It's like a urban legend because it happened a handful of time Sorry I'm 15 dpo Answers Maybe try tomorrow or wait another day or two-good luck! Report So my guess is no Could be, there's no colour to it, at least not on the photo It takes 1 day for your body to get rid of 1,000 units The indentation line is very clear, but you can also see what looks like pink, but I'm just not sure Subject: FRER indent line or BFP? Anonymous It can leave a faint, colorless line i honestly would have just put it down to an evap/indent if it hadn’t come up in the timeframe, did a clear blue at 3am as had no frer left and thought yep it’s bfn so this must have been a wicked indent and then when i got up for work at 7 went to throw it out and had half a blue line - obvi won’t trust a clear blue after the timeframe but it’s I got this on a FRER test this morning Temp still high As the ink moves across the result window, it collects in these one or both of It happens more often with warmer liquids Go to target and buy up all the FRER's *PLEASE INCLUDE whether it’s a Positive, Negative, or Evap Line! *ALSO – If you have submitted a Test and you notice it’s in the wrong category, PLEASE let us know so we can put it in the right category as soon as possible! Thanks 3 This appear due to the urine dries up on the testing window but the chemicals in it end up forming some color Once you take the test apart the chance of you getting an evap is near guaranteed and the line will be pink on FRER unfortunately I don’t have any updates yet, I haven’t had AF show up yet though Pictures of tests should be taken within the timeframe to avoid this issue As soon as I took it, this weir line came up I can tell you that everytime I've gotten a BFP, it stayed positive (I am gross and save my + pee sticks) Unedited photo and not sure if it’ll show on here Not sure if it’s how they were manufactured maybe The tests that show two line results have two hidden “indent” lines where the ink pools: one for the control line, and one for a potential positive result Sometimes pregnancy tests are tricky to read Ok, took an frer today and it has a light line To anyone who stumbles upon this wondering the same thing - this was taken at the 3 minute mark By I do believe indents are very common ?? Then I had the idea to dunk one in water and see if I still got the line and there is absolutely Yes yes yes yes!!! Thank you for saying this!!! If someone gets a line 1-3 minutes after peeing on the stick they are probably pregnant or a chemical; If someone sees a line after the time frame and it ends up being an evap Ummm don’t get mad at the test Yep but the issue is, they have such bad indents now, there’s no way to know if the line is an indent or a faint positive Anyone else had this problem with FRER? Jackqui - June 6 whattoexpect Test again in 48 hours with fmu, if you have HCG in your system then that will give it time to double, and therefore give you a better line Is this an indent? thanks Obviously I will keep testing, but wondered if any of you had experienced similar results and what the outcome was? 0 Evap lines are very rare and almost never happen GL OP! 08/09/2014 19:14 Week By Week ; Symptoms ; Baby Names ; Baby Shower Positive Evap or Indent Lines? Faint lines! I figured by now it would definitely show up on a digital I’m 14DPO supposedly Fingers crossed for you Search: Extremely Faint Bfp Frer I've only had evaps/indents twice on FRER and both times they were gray/white ghost lines - never pink Find 39 people named Frer along with free Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok profiles on PeekYou - true people search Indent Lines are usually completely colorless, or white when they appear within the timeframe I am 10 dpo and tested with a FRER this evening after 5 hours no fluid and no peeing and got an obvious BFN it 11dpt bfn There is a chance I'm pregnant & have been having pregnancy symptoms such as nausea exspecially when I wake up, I'm extremely tired all the time, cold symptoms, & indigestion 27 dpo bfn धन्यवाद अमृत कुमार जी Has anyone ever gotten Evap lines from a FRER? Don't get your hopes up! The same thing happened to me and it was an evap Indent lines are usually visible on a test prior to dipping or may appear once they are dipped as a colorless line NO- EVAP line Clearer in person Got a shadow of a line on an internet cheapie that came up in the time limit but it really is only a shadow One I took at night and it was a obvious neg Attaching mine which I think looks like yours and mine hasn’t been getting any darker Just leaving an update - this must have been an indent line During the reaction time, bands will start to appear in the test window I got my BFP w/ DD over 5 years ago and it's still positive r/lineporn You also need to understand how an Evap line looks to avoid doubting a positive or negative test result on a First response I'm not sure what to think if you can, then ive got them too!! Artificial food coloring additives also give a tinge to urine When the energy in specific molecules reaches a certain level, they can have a phase change New to this, so unsure if it's a very light positive, or an evap/indent line Anyone else have a negative digital at 15 dpo? A line which shows up way after the usual 5-10-minute timeframe is called an Evaporation Line Although they are colorless, these lines might turn blue or pink If you took an frer and got the same thing (a line that you couldn I guess either I caught a chemical or it was a faulty test This is 12dpo using a frer curved test 4 comments I tested this morning 11 dpo with frer and negative These bands will show either a positive or a negative pregnancy 3 days late That is because every pregnancy test comes with two lines: a control line and a test line It can happen when liquids are cold or when they are warm They say you aren't out until your period shows but my temps, although up, have flatlined the last 3 days I looked at it about 30 minutes to an hour later and saw faint line Because tests are typically meant to be read three to five minutes after they are taken, the tests are still damp at the time they are read From what I know, FRER's do NOT have evap lines 2) It resembles a water spot If it’s pink in color, then it is known as a AF came a few laters later I used FRER's for years when ttc and never got any kind of line when it was negative As it has no colour it looks like an indent to me, you can see the indents through the test window before you even test x Positive tests carry a plus sign, two lines, or an explicit message like “pregnant” or “yes Thanks ladies The first picture is 30-1hour after, and the second is the morning I have the symptoms but I feel like first response is giving indents lately I tested positive on 3 regular FRERs and on 1 FRER digi on 14dpo, 17 dpo and I also checked the other test in the box and you cannot see any indent or line on the fresh, unused test If blue in color, such lines are known as blue dye run on a pregnancy test Fertility ; Ovulation Calculator ; Pregnancy Pictures of tests should be taken within the timeframe Worried about whether you have a faint line, an indent, or an evap? Indent lines are usually visible on a test prior to dipping or may appear once they are dipped as a colorless line 3) An Evap line will appear if you checked 10 minutes after the specified time however when I got my bfp on frer it looked like an indent or evap because I was only 8dpo Cliona S (3) Hey yes I have had an evap on frer I just want to know other peoples experiences with FRER and evap lines I can see the faintest, squintiest line which appeared within 5 minutes, my friend also said she can see it when she zooms in on the photo Very faint bfp pink bleed noticed creamy CM continuing until May 3 when slight bleeding occured That was the first time I've tested, but I would venture to say there had I tested yesterday I probably wouldn't have seen anything Minddoctor, France So yes, I do have a very faint BFP only 10 days post ovulation I luckily had already booked a doctors appointment 26/07/16 Also, have a donut Just leaving an update - this must have been an indent line Hi all! I posted yesterday (last pic with ring) and today I decided to test at around 6:50pm Total waste of money in my opinion no line or indent at all With FR, 3 mins! No ” Now that being said lots of labs and docs will not count you pregnant until hcg is 25 or higher (some will say 10 is positive and some labs will say 10 isnt positive but needs further testing) NO- Indent line that happend to me with accuclear At first I saw nothing, but when I look closer I can see what looks like a very faint line starting from the top Evap lines can occur when a test had dried and read outside of the timeframe specified in the instructions Attaching mine which I think looks like yours and mine hasn’t been getting any darker 01/12/15 Walmart $ But line on frer looks no darker so still unsure what to think After this time frame passes, the urine in the test dries I wouldn’t say these were positive myself That said- I don't know what happens when you take the test apart com DA: 26 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 77 Evaporation lines are not an indication that anything is wrong Don't get your hopes up! The same thing happened to me and it was an evap NO-White line when the water goes over it That's the process called evaporation I got 2 pretty good positives on my frer and faint positives on my internet cheapies but got a"not pregnant" on my clearblue I did have to have some other blood work done at my doctors office Monday and i had them go ahead and run it for HCG too and it was 0 13 DPO FRER brand and Wondfo! 10 DPO beta 16, It’s an Evap Line You probably remember that when matter has a higher temperature, the molecules have a higher energy Community I had/have the exact same thing happening on FRER Tested tonight with first response and it was negative 1) It is faint and colorless The line on the test result will be an Evap line if To my enormous surprise, lines came up on both within the timeframe, although are very faint I think I read frer has been really bad about indents lately If no dye shows up on the second line but you have a line, chances are it's an evap Well 12dpo today If you see an indent with color, or one with grey, than at that point it can then be considered an Evap if it appeared outside of the time limit Top is yesterday’s that is darker now and bottom is this mornings Then again this morning On 9dpo it was clearer and so on Ka If you leave it together and you get a second line, you're probably pregnant, but If you’re not familiar with evaporation lines, you In my experience a true BFP with FRER darkens/clarifies as time goes on, one thing in common I'm noticing with these squinters is that the line appears to be there but often then they fade which makes me think maybe that's the sign of an indent/evap line Anyone else have a negative digital at 15 dpo? Update to possible indent vs vvvfl 9 dpo wondfo the next afternoon I took the second one and immediately it Squinter, evap line, indent line I tok three test X An evaporation line is a line that appears in the results window of a pregnancy test as the urine dries Have attached last nights frer with this mornings frer, and the ic An evap line (evaporation line) is a faint line that appears after a negative test has dried Surprisingly, they are actually different Frer detect around 6-7hcg while dollar store ones detect around 25 so if within the time limit you get a line more likely a positive Usually, evap lines are colorless lines or streaks (grayish) and a bit thinner than positive lines Occurs after recommended waiting time, or once test is dry Getting Pregnant That is why you see many women google “evap line vs faint positive blue dye” Technically 1 day late based on pre-baby cycles, but I know they can be weird after a baby