How to run a board meeting script. - The frequency of meetings will depend on the size, nature and location of your site In the current DLA structure, six voting members constitute a quorum Standard agendas provide an outline for running a specific type of meeting, so that when people need to run that kind of meeting, they don't have to start from scratch Welcome to the first of our PTA’s General Membership Meetings for the 2014-15 school year Add discussion topics Reading of minutes of previous meeting (vote on adoption) c All of these motions follow six steps: Motion: A member raises their hand or rises to signal the chair Opening Ceremonies Teams use this meeting to create new near term plans when a rapidly emerging situation means your existing plans won’t work Vice Post Activities Americanism Committee March meeting you can proceed with a voice vote Leave space between agenda items, so board members can take notes directly on the agenda Certain situations need attention during the meeting, but they don’t require a motion, second, debate or voting President’s Scripted Agenda June 19, 2012 Call to order: 3:00 p meeting remind them to read the bylaws (if any) These matters are generally not open to the public During the meeting, any number of topics can be discussed A convenient script is provided in Appendix C If there’s a hot-button issue, educate early Sample Script for First General Membership Meeting Call to Order & Welcome President: I will now call this meeting to order Opening up the meeting towards the end for insights and feedback is a great way to show that you value the opinions of your team The Secretary will read the bylaws: ARTICLE ___: Officers and their Election Close the meeting Abide by an agenda to budget time 1 RESIDENT: (Says the Opening Prayer) Steps Role of the Executive Board (Chair) A special meeting can only be called for a specific purpose consisting of one or more specific agenda items Make the water cooler conversation the formal ending of the virtual meeting, instead In my opinion, the ideal duration of a huddle is 15 minutes Have a dry-run with your co-presenters Introduction of visiting Rotarians/Guests This is done by a vote of the membership for the following positions: • Chair / Co-Chairs • Vice-Chair Ein Bangf At the very end of the meeting, the presiding officer allows any member to bring forth news or questions THE ELECTION MEETING End the Meeting with Action Items Follow Your Governing Documents Effective meeting minutes include: Members that participated in the meeting Your work isn’t over after the first meeting The use of simple parliamentary procedure, the rules for running a meeting, results in successful business meetings The key here is to allow the speaker to present their content in a way that the audience finds engaging from a remote setting Following Have a set time limit for meetings (no longer than 90 minutes), and don’t go over Some Grand Knights use presentation tools (like PowerPoint) to keep meetings focused Encourage audience to raise hands Vice-President Instead, share board materials in Standup meetings are one example of a daily ritual that can make — or break — a team’s effectiveness over time RESIDENT: “I call to order the Regular meeting of the Board of Directors of (Parish Corporate Name) And, if possible, get a neutral third party to help facilitate the meeting business, the meeting is adjourned Finally, if possible, hold the meetings Running an effective condominium board meeting or a homeowners association (HOA) board meeting can be a daunting task, particularly when controversial issues are on the agenda Don’t forget to thank your board members for their time and continued commitment within that same correspondence - Vote only in the case of a tie Club business Some companies like to start a board meeting with an Attach the initial agenda to the notice Old/new/Other business All Officers shall take their stations Meeting Script Narrator: We will begin with the Mayor calling the meeting to order and asking everyone to say the Pledge of Allegiance After you've stated your motion, the presiding officer will restate your motion as a question to the rest of the board Please feel free to copy and use these scripts when you conduct your elections President - Presides over all meetings for your Student Council Prepare your nonprofit board meeting agenda at least a month before the board meeting, and send an announcement reminder out to all board members along with the agenda for the upcoming meeting at least 7 days before REPORT OF THE EXECUTIVE BOARD (for association meetings) A summary report (not the minutes) is read for the information of the members Building a time schedule into your agenda and sticking to it ensures that your meeting doesn't get bogged down and stimulates on-topic discussion ¾Prepare a meeting outline and agenda Closing the meeting Pledge of Allegiance Mayor: Everyone please stand SCRIPT PRESIDENT: The next item of business is the election of officers The meeting is adjourned and you may go to your project meetings Procure or create a manual to develop a working format for proper parliamentary procedure The steps to running a board meeting are: Recognize a quorum President’s time 20 minutes The following day, type up and distribute the meeting minutes 10 The audio conference call is open and we will begin the meeting in 5 minutes While inefficient stand-ups can limit a team’s ability to accomplish The presiding officer ensures that these motions and votes are conducted in a manner that agrees with the bylaws The board chair usually starts counting members as they arrive for the meeting Within the board meeting protocol are: Board meeting rules Now it’s time to add the meat errr, topics you want to discuss Send out community e-blasts in advance with information for the membership In understanding how to run a board meeting, the first order of business is for the chair to At the Meeting Good morning everyone Notice of the meeting must be disseminated in accordance with the Post’s Constitution and By-Laws They are patterned after the Texas PTA Election Script Second: A second board member seconds the motion Approve agenda Passionate discussions can eat into the meeting agenda, encroaching on time that is due for other topics Toolbox meetings should be short and to the point nd The chair bangs the gavel and calls the meeting to order, noting whether there is a quorum or not Roberts included one of the first well-known standard agendas in the now ubiquitous Robert’s Rules of Order SECRETARY: (reads designated Article) (Information: officers elected by ballot annually of the motion to adjourn the meeting say “aye start A few things to do along the way to engage the audience: Take and answer questions RESIDENT: (Says the Opening Prayer) 1 The technical details that must be met to ensure the board can make its decisions Example: Confluence Good morning/afternoon, everyone Such tools can facilitate the timely sharing of information It’s the most commonly used parliamentary authority among associations and societies in the United States This may feel like a passive approach to your new leadership role at first ” Furthermore, “Depending on the provisions of the Declaration and Bylaws, hearings are either before the board or a grievance committee The board secretary notes a quorum or the absence of a quorum in the minutes Essentially, the meeting protocol is a template workflow from calling the meeting to signing off the minutes from the previous meeting ” The motion to adjourn the meeting is passed These scripts were created to assist your PTA with running elections This will encourage greater participation and uncover more insights Wrapping up the meeting effectively is an important aspect of leading meetings Before the end of the meeting allocate tasks and timelines for tasks to be completed B Business gets done and the meetings are not long, boring and non-productive Reading of minutes of previous Executive Committee Meeting (vote on adoption) d C Consent agenda Approving the Agenda - Assist the President as needed The President might also report on the local's priorities and what direction and action the local should take The meeting will come Approving the COMMANDER: The meeting is about to open Show that you’re intention is that you want to help Call to Order 4 Otherwise, a quorum is a majority vote Tip 3: Assign a point person to run the Board meeting Below we will cover these steps in more detail Typically, a quorum is defined as a representative of more than half of all shares outstanding Follow Robert’s Rules of Order as your meeting guide Tip #3: Keep it brief ¾Start the meeting on time Moving forward, it’s important to pay close attention to board satisfaction A single voice who is tasked with running the meeting keeps everyone focused on the task at hand Here are some tips for running your HOA board meetings: 1 Debate: The present members debate and discuss the motion All Stay Formal In order to have a legal meeting you must have a quorum of shareholders present How to Run a Board Meeting + Script 1 Create the Meeting Agenda It’s a State of the Union address to kick off the meeting, no more than 15 - 20 minutes b The meeting will come to order One time President says: “Let the minutes show that a quorum was present ” All opposed say “no Approve the agenda and minutes m 90 Minute Rotary Meeting Agenda: Meeting call to order 5 minutes If we are all here, let's Do your homework before the meeting If there is The order of meetings varies slightly depending on what the board needs to accomplish and whether they need to accommodate any pressing priorities Step #1 – build a good board meeting agenda However, users must be proficient with that can be a handy script for the Commander on how to conduct the General Membership Meeting Nearly every formal body has different rules and regulations, but most tend to derive from Robert's Rules of Order Welcome participants with quick phrases and get down to business You then go through the information in the board package Sample Script for Budget Meeting We hope that the school year has begun successfully for you and your families Election of officers shall be conducted as the first order of business (Item #1 on that month’s agenda) at the " In some groups it may be customary for the presiding officer to acknowledge your purpose and give you permission to continue Please do not put the conference call The next order of business is for the chair to call the meeting to order by making a This will not hold up in Court Prepare the Board Meeting Agenda in Advance Most boards adhere to a standard board meeting procedure along the following lines: Call to order Depending on the rules or customs of your group, you may need to describe the type of motion you want to make here DON’T Make sure everyone knows what they are responsible for Some hazardous activities could require daily meetings, while often a weekly / fortnightly meeting will suffice Don’t run through the The final slate should be posted for all members to read either in a newsletter and/or a bulletin board no one is sitting down), it really doesn’t make sense for a huddle to last for more than 30 minutes Members of the council are not to speak until they have been recognized by the Executive Board 5 tips for running a board meeting: Start and end on time; Ensure full participation, by all members; Favor group discussion over “reporting” Tap into each member’s unique expertise; Stick to Robert’s Rules for ease and fairness If the board meeting is a film, the CEO is the director While it’s encouraging to have a friendly relationship amongst board members and homeowners, save any socializing until after the meeting has concluded to avoid distraction from and changes to the agenda The agenda items that were covered The President's Report: Should include any actions taken by the Executive Board at its last meeting and the agenda for this meeting 7:55 am This video showcases concepts of boards (and small Since this is typically run as a stand-up meeting (i Poll the audience e While many HOA and condo boards are relatively small and tend to operate informally, it is still important to have established rules and procedures MOTION REQUIRED Meal and fellowship period 30 minutes How is Business Brought Before the Board? To get business before the board someone must make a motion Some Grand Knights find it helpful to use a script during council meetings Allow the CEO (executive director) to lecture the board 8:00 am (Mayor clicks the gavel twice) 2 Calling meeting to order Uno Rappo Protocol of the Meeting to Conduct Election of Officers The President shall preside over the meeting to elect Officers of the Board in years in With an agenda and knowledge of the business at hand before the meeting, a plan can turn into a script like the following example that following Robert's Rules and will enable you to preside like a pro To help keep everything (and everyone) on track, assign time blocks to each topic so you get to everything you need to discuss meeting of the Election - Perform any duties assigned by the Executive Board It’s permissible to state a point during a meeting where the chairperson needs to handle a situation right away It is the obligation of the Executive Board to run an orderly meeting Make sure that you send a copy of the “official agenda” to each member, especially if it has been altered since the initial agenda A free meeting agenda template for recognizing and eliminate waste in a process Show that you’re humble and ready to learn Be prepared to answer questions about the budget How to Run an Effective Nonprofit Board Meeting [7-Step Guide]: 1 A free guide for running a near-term planning meeting during times of crisis Ensure you start the next meeting with a report back on task allocated and the progress made on these Board members can declare a Point of Order, Point of Information, Point of Inquiry, or Point of Personal Privilege If no quorum is present, the meeting can still be conducted however, the business will need to be held over until later when a quorum is present (OR) ) President: This meeting of the _____is adjourned Let committee chairs recite a series of reports, one after another get started (OR) start the meeting Building a Relationship with Board Members You can get a copy of this book at your local book store ” Tips for a Successful Meeting - Preside at all meetings in the absence of the President This is usually your HOA President or property manager Introduction of guests and prospective new members (see back cover) e Calling the Meeting to Order ” Or they may say, “A motion to adjourn is in order Toolbox meetings should be held on a regular basis and should take no more than 1015 minutes Specifically, as a new leader, you’ll want to internalize these goals for your first meeting: Show you’re worthy of your team’s trust Excerpts from a 2014 meeting of the Community Television of Santa Cruz County Board of Directors Meeting Start by saying "I would like to propose a motion I want to welcome you all to this morning’s Board members will be notified by the designated party (e g Set up a professional meeting space Add these to the appropriate agenda section so you discuss them at the right time during the meeting Please mute your phone by when you are not speaking; to talk A great huddle is supposed to be brief, precise, and fast-paced Your bylaws and CC&Rs will tell you how many board meetings you need to hold and how often you need to hold them Thank you all for joining us today; we value your participation and feedback Committee Reports: Finance Officer Membership Chairman (balloting on new members) 2 One basic parliamentary tool is the use of the main motion, a method of introducing a topic School board members lead busy lives outside of their role on the board ” In announcing the affirmative vote: “The ‘ayes’ have it and the meeting is adjourned On the page, board, paper, or whiteboard, create three columns with the headings “What we did well”, “What we can do better”, and “Actions” Recommendations are voted upon one at a time, the secretary moving the adoption of any of the recommendations After the meeting Brief notes or minutes should be written and distributed quickly Includes a 19-page detailed instruction guide AGENDA – General / (Executive Board) Meeting Agenda 1 ” A decision on the matter is made by either the board or a grievance committee It is imperative that, at the very least, the election of the Board of Directors is accomplished ” Note: A single rap of the gavel may be used As American philosopher Will Durant once said, “We are what we repeatedly do We will now say the Pledge of Allegiance This has important implications for all teams that run daily stand-ups This is an optional part of the meeting Discussion is reserved for another meeting Committee reports First sample can be used by a PTA that has a Nominating Committee in place; second sample can be 9 Establish your agenda early and send it out with your meeting notice Executive Committee Meeting Fail to provide financial information, and in a clear format At the end of the meeting, try to summarize the takeaways and establish next steps for the group Note that there are two sample scripts Board meetings are Standup meetings are one example of a daily ritual that can make — or break — a team’s effectiveness over time Secretary) of the candidates running as Officers of the Corporation the day after the close date for Expressions of Interest If we're all here, let's get started Meeting minutes are written a record of what happened at the previous meeting Keep your actors reading from the script of the film you want to direct Opening the floor to other items Except for a limited class of motions, a member may not interrupt another member when they have the floor (President raps gavel 3 times The time is ____ pm Restate motion: The chair then repeats the motion Nominations for these positions will be done Henry M Board meeting COMMANDER: One rap of the gavel and the SGT @ Arms shall close the doors of the meeting hall At the top right of every page it should say It’s a common trap to use board meeting time to present information Perhaps the most important HOA board meeting protocol is to follow your governing documents to the letter 2 Always plan and schedule your meeting as soon as you can Communication and reports A quorum is necessary to conduct business Share video or other media beyond PowerPoint ” P Without a quorum, no business can be conducted Approve prior meeting minutes ” Items should be taken in the order listed on the agenda A meeting agenda is nothing more than an outline that lists, in order, the items to be discussed at the meeting and the amount of time that's expected to be allocated to each But a second is not required when a motion comes from a committee/board Correspondence and announcements If there are additional nominations, the President should read the final slate and announce that at the March PTA meeting there will be a contested election and voting will take place by ballot - Prepares an agenda for all meetings with the help of the advisor Five to 10 minutes before the meeting ends, do what everybody would’ve done after the physical meeting 3 In others, you may simply continue stating your motion If you want to run a booster club meeting, having good minutes taken can help the next meeting move along nicely and in an organized manner Rap the gavel once Call to Order Mayor: This meeting of the Olathe City Council will now come to order All meetings are facilitated by a chairperson, or president, and he or she is responsible for ensuring the meeting is conducted smoothly and fairly, giving everyone an opportunity to be heard in a structured and uniform way COMMANDER: Three raps of the gavel and all who are present shall stand at attention Roberts understood the importance of structure P A Guide to Conducting a Meeting Everyone has an opportunity to voice opinions and vote This could be the minimum number of members required for a quorum Vote: The chair asks for votes for and against the motion Board meeting agendas include the meeting start and end times (With or without gavel) Quorum – Determines that a quorum is present The first rule of order is to establish a quorum, which is defined in the bylaws Here are some tips on how to run a homeowners association meeting successfully: 1 Listen to the presiding officer's statement of the question How to Run a Board Meeting Recognize a Quorum Board meetings are Tip #3: Keep it brief The trick is to plan how to split that time appropriately for topics on the agenda and for productive use of the board’s time Copies of the agenda and minutes of the most recent Executive Board meeting may be distributed This is called "stating the question," and officially opens your motion for consideration by the board